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About the Band

About the Music

Visinata was formed in 2012. Since then, the band has played a variety of venues and has received an ArtsInStark grant to promote ethnic/eastern European music. Their first CD was recorded in 2013 and is entitled "An Ethnic Celebration With Visinata". Primarily a polka and ethnic genre band, Visinata compliments this genre with a variety of swing and American standards. the band has played many ethnic festivals, car shows, night clubs and private events.
Visinata is a dance band playing a wide variety of music including ethnic and traditional polkas and waltzes. We also play a selection of Italian, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Croation, Serbian, Ukranian, Russian music and more. We play a variety of American standards as well. A FUN band that gets the audience involved.


ArtsInStark grant for the continuation and promotion of ethnic genre music including Eastern European, polkas/waltzes and other ethnic genres.
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